30 Extra Pounds — All Belly

This is me a week before I began Weight Watchers. My wife Linda and I decided that maybe we should give it a try despite my hesitance because of the meetings and weigh-ins and 40 bucks a month ($80 for two people!). Nicole got tired of me complaining about the money and said, “Dad, if the money’s such a big deal, I’ll pay for it!” Of course I couldn’t let her pay for it, so then I felt like I needed to join WW just so I didn’t look like a cheapskate. I could always drop out if it didn’t work.

We had planned a vacation to fly to Las Vegas and visit my son Chuck and then drive to the Grand Canyon and then down to Tucson to visit my son Joe, so we put off joining Weight Watchers for that week, but I promised Nicole that we’d start as soon as we got back.
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