Race #202 – Joe Davis Memorial 5k – Fort Mill, SC – 01/05/13

It was 25 degrees when I woke up at 4 a.m. and I had no intention of racing since cold weather and I don’t get along. Then about 5:30 I noticed that the full “Prefontaine” movie was on YouTube. “Nice way to spend a cold Saturday morning,” I thought to myself. Well, that didn’t last long. A full 7 minutes and 29 seconds into the movie I was all pumped up, so I put on my running clothes and headed out the door.

This was the inaugural 5k memorial race dedicated to Joe Davis, who lost a battle with drug addiction a few years ago. The race was managed by Start2Finish, the same people who did a great job with the Huntersville Half Marathon recently. There were 474 pre-registered runners, which is quite a big local 5k, especially for this time of year. Of course a lot of people didn’t show up but there were still around 400 finishers.

I wore two Under Armour Cold Gear shirts with a singlet on top as well as tights (usual for me in the winter) and my light racing shoes. Gotta do something about the light shoes and regular socks. My feet were freezing throughout the race and are still feeling odd at 5 o’clock in the evening.

The race was kind of hilly and I was a little slower than my last 5k, but these days I’m happy with anything under 22 minutes. I finished in 21:47, just 7 seconds behind my chief-butt-kicker-of-late Bob Nelson, but I was actually happy to be that close to him at the finish since a few weeks ago he beat me by 38 seconds and I couldn’t see him at the end. This time around he was 19th overall and I was 20th overall. Not bad really for a couple of 60+ guys in a race with 400 people.

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My Stats:

Time:  21:47
Pace:   7:01
Age Group:  2 of  10
Overall:  20 of  397
Age Graded Equivalent Time:  17:31  (73.63%)


3 – Chip Timing: (3 points if yes)
0 – Starting Mat: (2 points if yes)
2 – Water Stops: (0)none  (2)normal  (5)extras [Gu, sports drink, etc.]
1 – Course Marking:  (0)bad  (1)good
2 – Course Scenery:  (0)bad  (2)pleasant  (5)extraordinary
1 – Mile Markers: (0)poor or none  (1)normal  (2)with clocks or time called out
2 – Volunteers:  (0)too few  (2)good
5 – Finish line: (0)mediocre  (2)not bad  (5)very good  (7)spectacular!
2 – Certified Course: (0)no  (2) yes
2 – Correct Distance: (0)no  (2)yes
1 – Partly or fully on unpaved roads:  (0)yes  (1)no

1 – Cost:  (0)expensive  (1)reasonable  (3)cheap!
3 – Race Day Registration:  (0)no  (3)yes

2 – Posted promptly online:  (0)no  (2)yes
1 – Clear link on website:  (0)no  (1)yes

0 – 3 deep awards: (2)yes (0 for anything less) (1-deep AG awards!)
5 – 5-year age groups (5 points) (0 for anything less)
1 – 14 and under group (1)
1 – 65+ group (1)
0 – 70+ group (1)
2 – Top Overall M/F:  (0)none or first only  (2)top 3 or better
0 – Masters Category(40+): (0)no  (2)yes
0 – Grand Masters Category (50+):  (0)no  (3)yes
0 – Senior Grand Masters Category: (0)no  (5)yes

2 – Overall Winner Awards: (0)none  (2)yes  (5)excellent
2 – Age Group Awards: (0)none  (2)yes  (5)excellent
0 – Door Prizes or Drawing: (0)no  (2)yes   (3)fabulous door prizes!
0 – Finisher Medals for All Finishers: (0)no  (3)yes  (5)really cool medals

3 – Food for Race Participants: (0)none  (1)some  (3)adequate  (7)a feast!
1 – Entertainment:  (0)no  (1)yes
1 – Finisher times posted after race:  (0)no  (1)yes

2 – Porta Potties:  (0)no  (1)limited, long lines  (2)plentiful
0 – Indoor Restrooms: (0)no  (1)limited, long lines  (2)plentiful

2 – T-Shirts: (0)no  (2)yes
2 – Design: (0)not good  (1)not bad  (2)nice  (5)beautiful!
0 – Material: (0)cotton  (2)technical fabric
0 – Discount for no-shirt option:  (0)no (2)yes

5 – Professional Photography: (0)no  (5)yes
2 – Prices: (0)expensive  (2)reasonable  (5)cheap!
0 – Free Photographs (newspaper, etc.):  (0)no  (2)yes  (5)lots of free pics!

2 – Close to Start:  (2)yes  (0)no
2 – Close to Finish:  (2)yes  (0)no
2 – Plenty of spaces:  (2)yes  (0)no
2 – Free Parking:  (2)yes  (0)no

2 – Dedicated race website (0)no  (2)yes
2 – Results or link to results posted on website:  (0)no  (2)yes

0 – Shelter from Inclement Weather (needed or not): (0)no  (2)yes
2 – Swag (free socks, water bottles, etc.): (0)no  (2)yes, some  (5)excellent
2 – Part of race series or Grand Prix:  (0)no  (2)yes

TOTAL:  75

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