New Blog Name — It’s Now “”

A funny thing happened recently when I wasn’t looking. I forgot to renew the name “” and for some reason it was snatched up by someone who thought it would be a great name, so I no longer own it. Okay, I’m not married to the name, and actually I was a little tired of telling people there was a hyphen between the words “old” and “runner” when they asked for the address of my blog.

After a little brainstorming I decided to stay fairly close to the original name and since it was available I decided on getting “” (or it’s okay to capitalize the first letter of each word, like “” to get to the blog. I recently switched to WordPress and have moved all of the old posts to the new blog. I’ll be keeping the old Blogspot blog up for a while but will only update the one you’re currently reading (WordPress).
And yes, I know I’m not THE Old Runner… there’s a bunch of us. But for now I’ve licensed the name, at least until I forget to renew it.
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