Race #313 – Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon – Greenville, SC – 10/31/15

2015-spinx-LOGOThis is a great racing event but it’s kind of off the radar for most Gastonia/Charlotte area runners, probably because there are so many other fall races. Most of my running friends in Gastonia ran the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon just two weeks earlier and not everybody wants to ramp it up so soon for another major race. There are actually four different races that make up the Spinx Run Fest: 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. I of course chose the half marathon option as always.


By the way, I was registered to run the New York City Marathon, which was held the day after this one, but I decided not to go. I had registered back in January when I had temporarily lost control of my senses. My daughter lives in Brooklyn and I was notified by the New York Roadrunners that my time at last year’s Brooklyn Half Marathon (1:32:13) made me an automatic qualifier so I went ahead and signed up. In the months since then I decided to stick with the decision I made five years ago when I ran the 2010 NYC Marathon that I would never run another marathon. I’m no fan of beating up my body, at least not for 26.2 miles, and I’m happy with my decision to stay home and race locally instead.


The weather in Greenville was nearly perfect for the race. It was a little colder than I like but the colder weather makes for better running, even for me. I made the 80-mile drive down I-85 by myself and was happy to see that at least a few of my friends from NC made it to the race.


My main goal was to finish at under 1:40, so I was really happy with my chip time of 1:38:51, which was 1st in the 60-64 age group.


A couple other things…

  • I registered a week or two before the race and was told when I picked up my number that I was too late to get a shirt but they would mail me one. I won’t hold my breath.
  • The post-race food is great! It appeared to me that the food was provided by the Spinx folks (that’s a big convenience store chain in SC) and all three years I’ve run this race the setup has been similar. There are neatly wrapped sandwiches, cups of fresh fruit, yogurt, and more. Lots of tasty stuff!


Race Number:  313


Race Name:  Spinx Run Fest


Location:  Greenville, South Carolina


Date:  October 31, 2015


Race Rating:  97


Course:  Overall beautiful course mostly through downtown Greenville and along the local greenways and parks. The race ends in the minor league baseball stadium, Fluor Field, lapping around the outfield and ending at home plate.



  • Elevation Gain:  431 feet
  • Elevation Loss:  427 feet
  • Minimum Altitude:  838 feet
  • Maximum Altitude:  1017 feet

Weather at Start:  48 degrees (felt like 45 degrees), 74% humidity, 7 mph NNE wind


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2015-spinx-richard-STATSMy Stats:

  • Time:  1:38:51
  • Pace:  7:33
  • Age Group:  1/14
  • Overall:  54/1150
  • Average Heart Rate:  164
  • Maximum Heart Race:  174
  • Age Graded Equivalent Time:  1:17:44  (76.19%)





3 – Chip Timing: (3 points if yes)
2 – Starting Mat: (2 points if yes)
5 – Water Stops: (0)none (2)normal (5)extras [Gu, sports drink, etc.]
1 – Course Marking: (0)bad (1)good
4 – Course Scenery: (0-5) 1=bad and 5=fantastic
1 – Mile Markers: (0)poor or none (1)normal (2)with clocks or time called out
2 – Volunteers: (0)too few (2)good
8 – Finish line: (0-9) 0=bad and 9=spectacular!
2 – Certified Course: (0)no (2) yes
2 – Correct Distance: (0)no (2)yes
1 – Partly or fully on unpaved roads: (0)yes (1)no

2 – Cost: (0)expensive (2)reasonable (5)cheap!
0 – Race Day Registration: (0)no (3)yes

2 – Posted online within 24 hours: (0)no (2)yes
1 – Easy to find results: (0)no (1)yes

2 – 3 deep awards: (2)yes (0 for anything less)
5 – 5-year age groups (5 points) (0 for anything less)
1 – 14 and under group (1)
1 – 65+ group (1)
1 – 70+ group (1)
2 – Top Overall M/F: (0)none or first only (2)top 3 or better
2 – Masters Category(40+): (0)no (2)yes
3 – Grand Masters Category (50+): (0)no (3)yes
0 – Senior Grand Masters Category: (0)no (5)yes

2 – Overall Winner Awards: (0)none (2)yes (5)excellent
2 – Age Group Awards: (0)none (2)yes (5)excellent
0 – Door Prizes or Drawing: (0)no (2)yes (5-9)fabulous door prizes!
5 – Finisher Medals for All Finishers: (0)no (3)yes (5)really cool medals

9 – Food for Race Participants: (0-10 with 5 being average)
7 – Entertainment: (0)no (1-9)yes
2 – Finisher times posted after race: (0)no (2)yes

2 – Porta Potties: (0)no (1)limited, long lines (2)plentiful
2 – Indoor Restrooms: (0)no (1)limited, long lines (2)plentiful

2 – T-Shirts: (0)no (2)yes
1 – Design: (0)not good (1)not bad (2)nice (5)beautiful!
0 – Material: (0)cotton (2)technical fabric
0 – Discount for no-shirt option: (0)no (2)yes

0 – Professional Photography: (0)no (5)yes
x – Prices: (1)expensive (3)reasonable (5)cheap
0 – Free Photographs (newspaper, etc.): (0)no (1-10)yes

2 – Close to Start: (2)yes (0)no
2 – Close to Finish: (2)yes (0)no
2 – Plenty of spaces: (2)yes (0)no
2 – Free Parking: (2)yes (0)no

2 – Shelter from Inclement Weather (needed or not): (0)no (2)yes
0 – Swag (free socks, water bottles, etc.): (0)no (2)yes, some (5)excellent
0 – Part of race series or Grand Prix: (0)no (2)yes
0 – Kids Fun Run: (0)no (2)yes
x – Miscellaneous not covered above: (-10 to +10)

TOTAL:  97

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  1. Good race. I live about 50 miles from there on Lake Hartwell. Looks like a tough finish, so I might skip that one for a few years.
    You have that 1/2 Marathon market cornered. I did a few back in the day, best one was when I was 46 – 77:17.
    Ran my 5K course today and did not walk – 30:15. That about killed me.

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