How About Losing Some Weight?

(Originally posted November 1, 2008)

It was kind of an inside joke with the family that every time we got together I would talk about going on a diet first thing Monday morning, and usually I’d make a half-hearted attempt at breakfast on Monday but most of the time by the end of the day I was back to eating too much as usual.
I had a little bit of success with the Atkins diet, dropping maybe 5 or 10 pounds before gaining it all back in a carb-starved frenzy.
Then there was the website, which is great if you stick with it. If you’re looking for a free program it’s unbeatable, but my head wasn’t really in the right place so I was up and down until I finally just stopped trying altogether.
Every time I mentioned my latest failed diet attempt to Nicole she’d say, “Dad, I’ve tried almost every diet known to man and the only thing that ever worked for me is Weight Watchers. Not only that, but of all the people I know, the only ones who have kept the weight off did it with Weight Watcher.” I would cringe at the thought of meetings and weigh-ins and 40 bucks a month! Not a chance!
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