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I began running at age 56 in September 2008 just a few months after joining Weight Watchers to try to lose a few pounds. Almost as soon as I began running I started keeping my running stats on Running Ahead.

According to Running Ahead, my first official run was on August 24, 2008. That day I ran 3.1 miles (5k) in 37:46


Below is a summary of my first seven runs, which led up to my first race, The Hildebran RoyalFest 5k, on September 13, 2008. At that point, the only thing I was interested in was being able to run a 5k and finish the race. I was elated when I finished the race in 27:56, which was quite an improvement for only having run a couple weeks.


I didn’t have any aspirations other than running that first 5k on September 13, 2008, but the whole racing experience turned out to be so much fun that I just kept going. Over the ensuing years I’ve improved quite a bit. Most of my PR’s (Personal Records) were set in the fall of 2011 at the age of 59. At that time I didn’t have any injuries and I managed to get my weight down to an all-time low of 138 pounds. I did manage another PR at the 10-mile distance in 2013, and also ran what I consider my best race ever at age 62 when I ran the Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon in 1:29:25. Yes, there was about 6 miles of downhill that helped out, but the rest of it was rolling hills and it was quite a personal victory to go under 1:30 for once in my life.



There is a blog entry and race rating and report for every race I’ve ever run, so you can read about my thoughts and performance on each of them if you like by either searching the blog or browsing around.

As I’m writing this I’m now 65 years old and have stopped counting training miles. I still go out and run around 5 days a week but don’t keep a record of it. I’m no longer trying to get faster, but rather just trying to keep my fitness without getting injured.

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  1. Ran across your blog and found it personally motivating. I have been way over 200 pounds of fat these last years and recently created a goal to run a 5K in April 2016. The going so far is very hard.
    You motivate me.

  2. Good for you AgentOrange… Just stick with it and you can do it I’m sure! I hope you’ll let me know how it goes, and after that first race I hope you’ll keep running and staying motivated by running more races!

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